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A weekend of discussion and debate on socialist ideas to change the world

Rallies, sessions and speakers

1pm Saturday 2 November

2-3 November

Institute of Education, London WC1H 0AL

Workshops start at 3pm on Saturday 2 November

They finish at 4.30pm on Sunday 3 November. 

Registration opens at 12.30pm on Saturday 2 November

Hosted by

Why you should come to Socialism 2019

The world is in a mess. Living standards for the majority of people have plummeted. Capitalism’s environmental vandalism delivers suffering to millions and a threat to our futures. 
Events swirl around us. Governments have no answers to our problems. Westminster spirals into deeper and deeper chaos. Austerity rolls on and misery piles up. What is the way out of this mess? More specifically what is the way out in workers’ interests?
Can Boris Johnson be defeated? How do we deal with bullying bosses? Can the Blairite plotters who want to get rid of Corbyn be stopped? How do we overcome the divisions between different groups of people in society? These are some of the questions we need to discuss.
These burning questions are the starting point for the Socialism 2019 event. It will be a festival of ideas, discussion and debate.


Listen to Socialism the podcast - and if these are the kind of things you'd like to discuss, then Socialism 2019 is the place for you!

We will talk about socialism - asking questions:

  • Is climate change too urgent to fight for socialism?

  • Did socialism fail in Venezuela?

  • And what do we even mean by socialism? Can capitalism be re-set? Or is more fundamental change needed?

  • Is the working class still able, like Marx said, to be capitalism’s gravedigger, the agent of socialist change?

The struggle against austerity is the struggle to defend our living standards and everything that the working class has won. That is why we’ll discuss:

  • 100% council homes and the fight against homelessness

  • Universal credit - how do we end the universal misery it brings?

  • Corbynomics - is it socialism or Keynesianism?

These are complicated times and finding a way forward is not easy. People are sick of Brexit – yet socialists and the labour movement can’t turn away and leave these issues to the bosses and their representatives. That’s why we will our sessions include:

  • Is a pro-worker Brexit deal possible?

  • We will also look at Brexit in context - Trump, trade wars and tariffs.

  • Northern Ireland, Brexit and the border

We approach Brexit, as with everything, as internationalists. Socialism 2019 will include discussion on:

  • Mass revolt in Hong Kong, Sudan, Kashmir

  • Nigeria where capitalism shows its true nature

  • Nationality in the era of capitalist crisis

Capitalism’s crisis is reflected in political upheaval. So our discussions include:

  • Are the right populists a prelude to fascism?

  • Europe’s new political formations

  • And how do we fight oppression?

  • What do Marxists say is the way to end violence against women?

  • 50 years after Stonewall, how can LGBT+ rights be defended?

If you want to be inspired for the battles we all face, to meet new friends in the struggle, to share your experiences and your ideas, to be listened to and to listen, to debate, to discuss and to build the ideas of socialism - then this is an unmissable event for you!




Saturday 2 November, 6.30-8.30pm, Logan Hall, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, WC1H 0AL,

£5 entry or included in Saturday, weekend or golden tickets. 

Tories Out - Fight for Socialism

Speakers to include Peter Taaffe, former editor of the Militant and Socialist Party general secretary and Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary

Opening rally

Sunday 3 November, 3-4.30pm, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, WC1H 0AL

Included in Sunday, weekend or golden tickets. 

Three rallies on:

Building a socialist international in the era of capitalist crisis

The fall of the Berlin Wall 
& its aftermath

Socialist change to end 
climate change

Closing rallies



All the workshops and rallies for Socialism take place at the

Institute of Education, 
20 Bedford Way,




Hostel bookings have now closed. If you need help with accommodation please call Mark on 020 8988 8792.


There’s a free crèche run by professional and accredited creche workers throughout the workshops and the rallies which you can book up until 25 October.

Just click the link to the left or phone us on 020 8988 8777


We make every effort to ensure that the Socialism weekend is accessible for all.

If you have any particular needs or questions please call us on 020 8988 8777 or email us by clicking the orange button on the left.

For those with mobility issues, transport and assistance can be made available.

Please contact us in advance if there is anything you need help with.

Books, etc


Socialism 2019 will include a massive bookshop of socialist literature, badges, t-shirts, posters and more.

There will be poster and art exhibitions.

There will be a film showing and a book launch.

We will update when details are finalised.

Socialism 2019 will include a massive bookshop of socialist literature, badges, t-shirts, posters and more.

There will be poster and art exhibitions.

There will be a film showing and a book launch.

We will update when details are finalised.


Socialism Today

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Socialist Books


Read socialism

The Socialist


Contact us


The Socialist Party is a fightback party. 


We stand for transforming society, taking the top industries into public ownership and democratically planning the economy to meet the needs of all.


We have a proven record of mobilising working class and young people to fight in defence of rights and living standards - from the 18 million-strong movement that defeated Thatcher and her poll tax, to the struggle in Liverpool that won money from Thatcher to build 5,000 council homes, to the east London families who declared they would not budge from Butterfields and defeated a rip-off landlord’s plans to evict them. We say fight all the cuts and change society!

By joining the Socialist Party you are joining the most determined and effective socialist organisation in the country, part of the Committee for a Workers’ International, the world socialist organisation.


Our branches meet every week for inclusive and democratic political discussion and to organise our forces to work with campaigns, trade unions and activists in our communities and beyond to change the world.

Contacts near you


National: 020 8988 8777



You can also contact organisers in your area who will let you know about local meetings, events and transport to the Socialism event:​

  • Eastern: Dave 0798 202 1969

  • East Mids: Steve 0773 797 8057

  • London: Paula 020 8988 8786

  • North East: Elaine 0191 421 6230

  • North West Roger 07954 376096

  • South East: Ken 020 8988 8777

  • South West: Robin 07759 796 478

  • Southern: Nick 07833 681910

  • Wales: Alec 07935 391 947

  • West Mids: Dave 02476 555 620

  • Yorkshire: Alistair 0114 264 6551

Fighting for socialism worldwide.

Capitalism is an international system. That is why the Socialist Party is part of a worldwide struggle for socialism.


We are affiliated to the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) linking up, learning from each other, and fighting for Marxist ideas.


Across the world our members help build the maximum unity of working class and young people in the struggle to defend living conditions and fight for a socialist alternative to capitalism.

Contact Us

To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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